Zeiss VR One Connect puts PC VR Games to Smartphone Headsets

Zeiss VR One Connect puts PC VR Games to Smartphone Headsets

Zeiss and SteamVR together declared the new VR streaming solution called Ziess VR One, that will bring virtual reality PC games to a mobile headset. Company says that  the gaming requires iPhone or Android smartphone with 4.7-inch to 5.5-inch display, a headset, a SteamVR-compatible PC and a USB cable. Also Zeiss presented a wireless controller that will be connected to smartphone through Bluetooth.

The headset can be of any other wearable but the company suggested to use its own headsets. To work this properly first, steamVR -compatible PC should be connected with a smartphone using a USB cable, then the headset  will sync with steamVR  to apply the phone’s built-in motion sensors and Bluetooth features to operate the game. 

Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset is another famous model which comes with zipper design and stunning looks. So your phone doesn’t fall out when moving the headset. Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset made from Lycra fabric (nylon + spandex) and EVA. This material is lightweight, skin-friendly without any discomfort for long hours use.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset is best fit with phones from 4.7 to 5.7 inches in size. There are openings on the front for adjusting movements and ventilation. Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset packed with anti-glare aspherical lenses with tolerance of just 0.01mm for best clarity. You have a metal button on the top.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset gets non-slip pads to prevent from accidentally pressing buttons when using the headset. The VR App supports features like panoramic video, 3D movies, VR games and apps. The device comes in personalized colors, including graffiti and decorative design.

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