Solar Powered Bonsai Tree mobile Phone Charger

mobile Phone Charger

Solar Powered Bonsai Tree mobile Phone Charger

The Bonsai tree is much efficient to support a phone charger. It’s not a real Bonsai but it is energy  modulated.The Electree+ doubles the charger and other electrical devices without trimming.

Compelled with 27 silicon solar panels that can be arranged in any way . The battery supports solar energy. It can charge twice an iPad in just 4 hours. It is an Eco-friendly mode of technology which helps to save energy.

Supported with USB connection in the under of wood topped unit. Keeping in mind of trees has made the designer to make Electree+ as trees act as solar panel. The designer is in want of 400 pre sale orders before publishing the production.

The cost of the Electree+ is £283. Bonsai forms a traditional art for growing the trees in pots. Electree+ is been made by French designer Vivian Muller. It certainly shows an inventive way to get the surface area of the solar panels required without using a single flat panel larger solar panel.

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