Review: Samsung ATIV Smart PC

ATIV laptop

Review: Samsung ATIV Smart PC

Technology is getting more simpler, comfortable, smarter. We want to pinch ourselves to realize innovations are reality and not an imagination. Such those imaginations are becoming true by creating them into usable products.

Well Groomed PC

Samsung converts it’s new device which forms a  substitute of all the three versions-tablets, laptop, PC which supports mainly portability of laptop, computing power of PC. Samsung ATIV  Smart PC and ATIV Smart PC Pro usually supports somewhat like-that. Just clicking a button traditional  clamshell notebook PC gets convertible to tablet PC device pertaining both mobility and productivity.


Samsung ATIV  is a 11.6 inch PC  designed as tablet PC and Notebook PC. Samsung’s PC Pro is another sort of smart device combined feature of Windows 8 functions and compatibility of Windows 7. Multi-touch screen supporting two  fingers touch. Powered with Zooming sensations and rotating images and scrolling through pages. Enhanced with latest entertainment facility. Supporting    S Pen for providing real writing and drawing.

Battery is powered with 13.5  hour enability for ATIV  and for ATIV Pro is 8 hours. ATIV displays  11.6 HD. Comprising super sleek model supported with Intel Core i5 Processor. Features 10 point Touch screen can be easily attachable anywhere.

Arguments in favor and against

Samsung decided to have ATIV Pro’s price Rs 75,490 and ATIV Smart PC  Rs 53,990 . But a  cheaper price can be best suited in one’s pocket. The weight actually measured is around 0.88 which is easy to carry having a storage capacity of 128 GB which is suitable in the market to sell a tablet , a PC, and a Laptop.

Samsung has been acting as both Pros and Cons in the minds of the people. However Samsung is well desired by every such users who use it. It is considered as most quoted against Chinese tablets as it is well known for integrated graphics which is specially benifitable for next generation.

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