Raspberry Pi Offering Mini Computer at $25

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Raspberry Pi Offering Mini Computer at $25

Raspberry Pi is a tiny PC specially developed for kids to promote  easier learning to program with Linux. It costs upto $25. Pi seems as TV and a keyboard ,plays blue-ray discs, and runs fedora, Debian and arch Linux. Pi provides gaming around 80’s, 90’s versions.

UK charity organisation supported by Eben Upton has a main idea of admission . He identified sudden changes of  fame from computer science  at the time of admission. Kids were interested in programming with computer yet those of the modern aspirants lack knowledge of computer programming.

Eben was in underestimation in getting the kids Program. Eben started prototype Raspberry Pi.It enhanced good multimedia supportability. Mobile device became cheaper in 2008 series yet powerful with multimedia subscription.

Today’s version are about in the size of credit card. Such minicomputer will perform all the work like word processing, spreadsheet, games, and videos. These models lack RAM. ‘A’ model pertains 128 MB and ‘B’ model is about 256 MB. It is similar to 300 MHz Pentium processor.

Actual processor is made up of ARM, running with 4 AA batteries. It also works on solar power. ‘A’ could perform with 300 mA charger and’ B’ could work  at 700 mA charger.

The aim of  such computer is to supply affordable computer for kids in learning programs. Raspberry has been gaining lot of provoke from educational institution and developing countries often museums, hospitals wants to display Raspberry Pi. Robotic lovers for making robots are finding interest with such Pi. Featured for kids but it is really grabbing interest of elder one’s.

It has been manufactured up to 10,000 and will be sold at the end of the month. Pi is limited to older ones. Pi can be ordered from  raspberrypi.com. ‘A’ Raspberry Pi model is about $25 and ‘B’ Raspberry Pi model costs $35

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  1. Sunil Chetri
    February 15, 2013 at 1:26 am

    Is Raspberry Pi mini computer available in india ?

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