Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker Hands on Review – Photos

Here is the Hands on Review of Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker with Photos. The product reached us fast in a secure package. Once opened, the Bluetooth Speaker looks so cute and small. The device made in somewhat triangular shape with round edges. The size of the Ovevo Z1 makes this really easy to handle at any situation.The package includes a charger and USB cable.

Ovevo Bluetooth Speaker comes in two models:- Fantasy Pro Z1 or Z1 L. Fantasy Pro Z1 supports 16 Millions Colors and gets Changeable LED Lamp. With a Smart App you can change the color as you want. The device work for IOS and Android. This is priced $24.99. Fantasy Pro Z1 L Model priced $19.99. There is no color changing option and the device comes in white color to choose. 

Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker

When comparing the features, options and price, Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker at this price tag is unbelievable. This is a highly useful product for our day to day life with easiness of handling. You can simply play music via line in cable, to do this connect the speaker to audio device by 3.5mm line in cable, the LED light will stay blue, music in the audio device will be played. 

This speaker works with devices features Bluetooth 4.0. Once you charged (Charging time: 2.5 Hours) the speaker offers Endurance Time of 6 hours, up to 8 hours. Via Bluetooth you can connect the product with any MP3, Phone, Tablet or Notebook at 10M distance. The speaker is light weight and only 190g. In terms of dimensions, it measures 67.5 x 65 x 63 mm. 

Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker

Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker is the best thing to use with Kids and this is made in a triangle outlooks which is best to avoid hitting and scratches. The speaker has 2 portions. There is a capacitive touch area on the top. Simply touch the top to switch the color , brightness level and scenes.

Bottom of the speaker gets an area for controlling volume, previous song, next song, play/pause and ON.OFF. Long press on the center button also acts as OF/OFF. Both the USB charging point and 3.5mm line in cable point located on side. Fantasy Pro Z1 is a hybrid Bluetooth speaker which supports:- Wireless music, Hand free speaker phone, LED color light, Alarm and Touch responsive Lamp. 

Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker

For Bluetooth pairing, play song from Bluetooth enabled devices. Press and hold the center button fir 3 seconds to turn on the speaker and enter Bluetooth pairing mode (indicator flashing with blue light). In your phone, search for “Z1” in your Bluetooth devices list, select and pair it with the speaker. Play music and enjoy. 

About LED control:- Long press on the next song button to increase the brightness of current color, until the lightest. Long press the previous song button to dim, until the darkest. Touch the top metal of the speaker and blue, green, rainbow, red and lights out change in turn. 

Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker

Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker works with smart phone apps. Users can easy change the scene and color as their wants. There are other famous manufactures who sell similar products for price around $65. The Ovevo Z1 only 1/4 price with same function, it is the most valuable Bluetooth product of Speaker market now.

This Bluetooth Speaker is simple and offers warm-color light. The Mini Smart LED Light is a perfect option as Children Bedroom Bedside Night Lamp with Touch Panel Button for adjustment. In our opinion, this is the best available  Bluetooth speaker with great performance at a cheap price. 

Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker Price: $24.99

Ovevo Z1 L Fantasy Pro Bluetooth Speaker Price: $19.99

You can buy this device from GearBest Website.

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