Intel launches Itanium 9500 series Processors

Itanium 9500

Intel releases Itanium 9500 processor. Itanium 9500 is enriched with a mission critical data installation having series of chips. In today’s world most of the business usually depends on IT sector which makes the business sector highly reliable and responsive.

The core frequency is about 2.53 GHz with 8% TDP at low rate.The new Intel approves 2.4 times faster as compared to later one’s.It consists of 40% faster frequency with a bandwidth of 33%. Itanium helps in detecting errors. Besides this it has cache safe technology.Intanium includes x86 based Xeon chip which handles bulk of functions particularly for Big Data customers of the companies.

Itanium 9500

The intel itanium 9500 containing 3.1 billion transistors. It supports up to twice as many cores (8 instead of 4) than the previous generation processor. The itanium 9500 packs up to 54 MB of on die memory, and enables up to 2 TB of low voltage DIMMs in a four-socket alignment.

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