Bingo V200 VR Box launched in India for Rs. 649

Bingo Technologies has just launched Bingo V-200 VR Box. This is the first Made in India smart VR Bo. You can enjoy immersive experience with 360-degree view field. Bingo V200 VR Box features adjustable pupil distance mechanism. So that you can slightly adjust the position of the spherical resin lenses by moving the button.

This will assure comfortable viewing experience to different consumers. Bingo V200 VR Box gets high quality 42mm optical lens with high transmittance Nano-Coating Technology. This is capable of eliminating glare, heightens brightness level and also prevents distortions and viewing fatigue.

Bingo V200 VR Box weighs 414 grams. This is compatible with various smartphones ranging from 4.7-inch to 6-inch in size. In order to use the Bingo V200 VR Box, need to open the front cover, then place the phone in the middle of the holder.

Now close the front cover and move your head or control this by the Bluetooth remote controller. Bingo V200 VR Box available to purchase in black with white color. This is priced at Rs. 649. You can purchase the product from online retailers including, Flipkart etc.

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