Apple Wins Dutch Ban on Samsung Galaxy Mobiles

samsung and apple

Apple Wins Dutch Ban on Samsung Galaxy Mobiles

Considering Patent Infringement Dutch court has made an appeal withApple to ban Samsung Galaxy tablets and smartphones. The court makes ban on such products in which there is an apple patent for scrolling images in photo gallery based on android.

As the court has made an appeal that such products are using 2.2.1 versions and are not using there own updated “blue flash” technology.Both the companies are in dual fierce with each other but they don’t achieved a victory over each other. Apple defeated Samsung in U.S. confirming that Samsung has created some violations concerning patents. Apple was not able to succeed in other cases against Samsung and other Android makers.

The court justifies that Samsung has not made any such type of violation. Apple now launches pinch-to- zoom feature which makes user to use two fingers to zoom in or out. Dutch court decided that Samsung must pay Apple 100,000 euros each day as it violates the rules.

Samsung must also suggest that how much profit it has made to infringe the products this makes the court to determine that how much percentage  of profit will Samsung would give to Apple. Such type of cases are latest feature in the court to settle the disputes in case of smart phones and tablets.

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