Apple Launched Apple TV in India

Apple launched Apple TV in India

Apple Launched Apple TV in India

Recently Apple is introducing its new Apple TV to India. It is available at Rs 6,990 and is soon reaching in the country by the end of this month. Apple TV allows  the user to  play i Tunes and You Tube at a range of 1080p resolution.

It is attached to TV and we can watch movies,TV shows, photos,music. Apple is supported with A5 chip. It is also enhanced with Wi-Fi network having internet connectivity. iTunes Store account is used for buying and renting movies and music. An Air play feature supports the user to get contents wirelessly from iPad, iPhone,iPod touch from Tv.

Hence there is no need of buying or renting to watch from TV. Air Play mirroring user can play from TV which has screen of iPad,iPhone 4s. It’s dimensions are of 23mm x 98mm x 98mm and its weight is about 272 grams.

The content also gets stored in i Cloud as it can be played from anywhere. Apart from i Tune subscriber we can access complete music from i Cloud all songs which is not available from iTunes of Apple TV. It costs about Rs 1,200 per year.

Apple TV Price in India as on 23/11/2015: Rs. 5,900/-

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